Nuclear Technology and Non-Destructive Testing

AYD Consulting is selling and distributing the following companies products;

GIHMM-GMBH products: GIHMM is the specialist for measuring instruments for radioactivity and for rodon as well as for radiation early warning system.


FEVDI NUCLER EXPERT products: FEVDI has more than 50 years of experience in the advice, design and manufacturing of products and equipment for nuclear decontamination.

FEVDI is also supplying products for the CBRNe sector.


LOADWELL Industry products: LOADWEL is manufacturing high-tech cranes for handling radioactive materials and heavy loads . The products are widely used in nuclear industry, automobile, aviation, environmental protection, paper making, wharf, electronics and brewing fields.


BSI BALTIC SCIENTIFIC products: BSI has specialized in the development and fabrication of devices for spectrometric analysis based on semiconductor and scintillation radiation detectors. Their products are applied in multiple industries: nuclear power; environmental monitoring; geophysics and the mining industry; medicine and healthcare; research including space sciences; security systems and customs control; and other spheres.


Founder Dursun Akbulut prepared Master Thesis on Neutron Radiography and made a camera using Americium Beryllium  Neutron Source and obtained image on photographic film for printed circuit board.